Science Laboratory

We believe in what we see and learn better by trying things out. This statement could not be more true when applied to child curiosity. The inherent need in a child to question and understand everything needs to be satisfied through guidance and provision of proper tools on order to improve knowledge. What better than to let the child test things out to small projects and experiments. Working on the premises that trial and error is the best way to learn the basics of science – a subject that scares many a school – going child, the importance of establishment of science laboratory at school level cannot be denied.

Air Force School, Cantt, Kanpur, houses a well-equipped science laboratory where in students of classes up to Xth standard are to gather practical experience of what they study in theory, under the able guidance of well-trained science teachers and lab attendant. Students not only of senior classes but of lower standard too are brought to science lab for demonstrating even smaller activities as given in their science textbooks in order to create interest in science and technology and to sharpen their creative skills.

The laboratory of the school is furnished with all latest tools and apparatus and provides an atmosphere to the students to work freely for sharpening their skills. Variety of science projects, displayed in the laboratory attracts the attention of students and thereby creates interest in science experimenting. The Laboratory also has a projection system with the help of which students are guided together to perform the experiments in a systematic manner. It is also equipped with all fire protection equipment’s to combat any fire hazards. All rules and regulations are meticulously followed to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.