Library Rules

1. School has a well stocked library catering the needs of the teachers and students.
Books card will be issued on loan to each student who wishes to borrow books. The book will be issued only after entry is made in the library card issued to the student. A Library Card is nontransferable, not to be lent or borrowed and is the property of School and must be returned if asked for.

2. Books must be returned by the last date stamped on the Date Label (normally two weeks from the date of issue). Books not required for by other readers may be renewed at the Librarian’s discretion. The Library cannot undertake to issue books on long term loan. All books must be returned before the end of each term.

3. Readers are responsible for all books issued in their names. Books lost, damaged or not returned when called for must be paid for. Fine will be charged for overdue books or for loss of Library Cards.

4. Strict silence should be maintained in the Library.

5. All students from Classes I to XII and permanent staff members are entitled to become members of the Library.

6. Readers shall be responsible to compensate for the loss, the damage done to the books or other property belonging to the Library either by replacing such books with new ones or other damaged property or by paying the value thereof with 10% additional charges as departmental expenses. In case of damage / loss of a volume of a set, the whole set will have to be replaced.

7.  Each student is entitled to take one book at a time for a period of 14 days, while staff members are entitled to take five books at a time and keep the same for 30 days. Maximum three renewals are permitted for one book.

8. Dictionaries and other costly reference books would not be issued. However, periodical publications will be issued to staff members on weekly basis.

9. All reference books, taken by the reader, for consultation in the Library should be returned to the Librarian before leaving.

10.  If the Library Card is lost by a student, he/she should give an application report to the librarian citing the loss of the card. A duplicate membership card will be issued to the member on payment of Rs. 5/-

11. School leaving / transfer certificates/ Board Class Admit cards shall not be given to students until they have returned all the books along with the Book / Library card and has paid the dues outstanding against their names after getting a clearance certificate from the Librarian.


Issue of books may be suspended at the time of stock-taking.

* Bags, personal books and such other articles are not permitted to be brought inside the Library. These must be kept outside the Library.


Examination and Promotion Rules

# A Student has to put in at least 75% of the attendance during the year to become eligible to appear for the Annual Examination.

# There will be no retest in any subject. Students absent from any examination will not be re-examined except genuine medical reasons which is subjected to the approval of the Principal.

# If a student has not been able to take an examination/assessment in circumstances beyond his/her control and he/she has other wise secured the required percentage of marks/grades in the other examination, his/her promotion will be decided by the Principal based on his/her past record.

# If a student fails for two successive years, he/she will not be allowed to continue in the school.