Admission Process


  • 1. The admission will be done through lottery system (Class LKG –VIII) for ‘Pure Civilians’. The details of the various activities will be available on the notice board of the school.
  • 2.  The parents are to ensure that age of their ward as on 31 Mar 2016 is as mentioned below:-
  • 3. The Birth Certificate is to be attached with the Admission Form of Prospectus. The Admission Form will not be considered for selection through Lottery System if Birth Certificate is not attached.
  • 4.  After selection through Lottery System, the parents are to submit the following documents within three days:-
(a)Birth Certificate for Admission in Class LKG, UKG and I.
(b)Transfer Certificate/ Certificate from previous school and Consent by the parents for Admission in class II to IX.
(c)Photocopy of Address Proof.
(d)Joint Photograph (Father, Mother and Student).
(e)Passport Size Photograph of Student.

While depositing the photocopy of documents, it is mandatory to bring original document for verification.

  • 5. After approval of admission, the parents will be given “Confirmation Slip for Admission”. The date for issuing “Confirmation Slip for Admission” will be displayed on the Notice Board.
  • 6. After issuance of “Confirmation Slip for Admission”, a “Bankers’ Cheque” is to be made for the Fees and deposited in School Office within three days. If the “Bankers’ Cheque” is not deposited within three days, the admission will be allotted to next eligible candidate.
  • 7.  After depositing “Bankers’ Cheque” in the school office, Admission No will be allotted and Book List handed over.