Principal's Messege

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-Ignacio Estrada

The sketch drawn a few years back for Air Force School, Kanpur Cantt. has changed into something more concrete.  With great enthusiasm, zeal,  passion and confidence, we stepped into the refreshing session of 2018- 19.

The school helps the children learn to think independently, make their own choices and stand up for themselves.  We strive to make our children broadminded, progressive and secular individuals who are responsible citizens with a human touch.

The  school nurtures education as an intricately planned endeavour in its vast environment.  It aims to discover and motivate the students, inherent qualities and to develop homogeneous personalities through holistic approach.  It also aims that the school children should develop four powers:  “POWER TO DO”,  “POWER TO KNOW”, “POWER TO FEEL”  AND “POWER TO THINK”.

The school imbibes and updates itself consistently regarding the latest innovations concerning pedagogy.  Since the overall development of children require the interplay of students, teachers and parents to make an individual socially adjustable and responsible.


It has been said in a variety of ways that family is the first and most influential teacher. We believe that and rely heavily on our partnership with you to educate your child. Every parent should spend at least one hour with their child. Parents can bring excellence in the education of their ward by monitoring their self study and revision at home and encouraging their participation in all co- scholistic  areas on the wide platform provided by the school.

I advice the parents do attend  PTM’s regularly and visit the website regularly for information about various activities.



Mrs. Mamta Sharma